Reverhomes group is committed to delivering a luxury experience and the best construction company based in GURUGRAM.


We at REVERHOMES, have first work towards building the right team.People who cannot connect with our clients in understanding their ideas we translate those ideas into our mind and are able to build their dream house accordingly. REVERHOMES is the best residential construction company in gurugram. We know the best construction only happens when the company can design the best tools for their clients so that they can think that everything will be in the best process.Our job is to create a site for the clients so that sitting at their comfort zone they can access all the best possible ways they need to design and furnish their dream home till the time we build their home too without visiting the site.

REVERHOMES knows the hassle of reconstructing your existing house or to construct a whole new house on the plot you own.It needs many more things:

  • Demolishing
  • Planning
  • Structural designing and
  • A big team to complete the best possible task.

It is the best construction company in gurugram as we provide all the clarity of the brand which we make use of in material. We predefine all the schedules which you can monitor from your phones wherever you are.REVERHOMES, is the new home construction company in gurugram,if you are looking for home builders in gurugram. Reverhomes offers architecture, structural design for those who prefer a more hands-off approach.We are a residential construction company providing a solution in gurugram making us one of the leading Home construction companies.REVERHOMES, believes in creating a home or an office based on an understanding of the stated and unstated client needs and preferences.
The company develops every property only after concentrated and focused market research to determine client need and then the project is designed according to the client preferences. Reverhomes group today partnered with internationally acclaimed architects and design and consultants. Reverhomes are built to high quality specifications instantly making them landmarks. Quality has become synonyms with REVER. Reverhomes has taken up the cause of the environment by committing to develop certified green buildings, thus saving energy for the country.

We give heart and soul to all their development projects,which starts from the scratch like purchase of the land to the grant of the licence, approvals from the government to the construction of the building. This one is the best company in gurugram.Their intent is to sparkle in all what they do and they strive to ensure that their construction projects are and they will coordinate and review regularly, so the execution is expedited,Reverhomes is a trusted name engaged in connecting construction and interior design in GURUGRAM.This was established with the dream to build some of the most significant and momentous infrastructures and skyscrapers in gurugram.
The range of our services varies from residential to civil services.

Residential Construction

REVERHOMES is a pioneer in the design and execution of any type of residential projects varying from singlex,duplex villa or farmhouse with intricate detailing and flawless construction process. REVERHOMES, work on a zero defect mission statement. Every plan of action is documented and presented to build transparency and incorporate your views in the roadmap. We have worked on various styles of residential architectures and try to optimise space in such a way that you get spacious rooms in the same plot of land.



Rever Homes has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced architects and designers who work to create impeccable, comfortable and timeless interiors for our prestigious clients. Rever Homes cater to both residential as well as commercial interior projects of any size.

Turnkey Projects

A Turnkey project is one which is designed, developed and equipped with all facilities by a company under a contract.It is handed over to a buyer when it becomes ready to operate business. Our company is responsible for building a turnkey project for a cost as agreed in the contract. The work of the company includes design, fabrication, installation , aftermarket support and technical service for the turnkey project.


Civil Services

With the support of our advanced infrastructural facility, we offer a turnkey civil construction to our client in a sophisticated manner. Our complete services are offered using the latest machinery and developing advanced techniques. We have highly experienced professionals, who hold this domain and work closely with our client to understand their needs and offer the services accordingly.


Rever Homes has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced architects and designers who works to create impeccable, comfortable and timeless interior for our prestigious clients. Rever Homes cater to both residential as well as commercial interior projects of any size.